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How Solar Thermal Energy Works
Heat from Light

Solar thermal energy is the use of solar energy to produce heat.
This is an effect youíre familiar with if youíve ever gotten into your car after it has been parked in the sun on a hot summer day. Solar thermal energy works in the same way except that the heat generated is put to practical use to heat water or space heating.
In addition, by using a solar thermal system, you make an effective contribution in preserving our energy reserves and environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions.

Source: www.unendlich-viel-energie.de

A Simple Principle that Integrates Easily

The solar collectors absorb the sunís rays, convert them to heat and transfer the heat to a heat-transfer fluid. (The heat-transfer fluid is typically a glycol and water mixture in regions where seasonal freezing in a concern.) The heat-transfer fluid is then pumped into a heat exchanger located inside the water storage tank where it heats the water.
After releasing its heat via the heat exchanger, the heat-transfer fluid flows back to the collectors to be reheated. The controller keeps the heat-transfer fluid circulating whenever there is heat available in the solar collectors. In the winter, a boiler serves as an alternate heat source. Solar thermal systems can be integrated into existing hot water systems with relative ease.

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